Dew Heaters and Shields
Dew shields and dew heater systems are an essential telescope accessory for anyone operating a telescope where dew or frost regularly forms.
Eyepiece Adapters
Eyepiece adapters are used to adapt from a larger focuser or star diagonal format to a smaller eyepiece format.
Books and Star Charts
Having the best telescope that money can buy won't help you much if you don't know what objects to look for.
Red Flashlights
Red flashlights are used to read star charts without affecting your night vision.
Telescope Covers
Telescope covers are a commonly seen item at star parties where telescopes are set up outdoors for several days at a time.
Telescope and Accessory Cases
Telescope cases make it easier to transport your telescope and also protect your investment.
Proper optical collimation is essential to achieving top performance from your telescope.
Star diagonals provide a more comfortable viewing angle when using refractors, Maksutov-Cassegrain, or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.
Dovetail Bars
Dovetail bars are used to attach telescope optical tubes to mounts.
Astronomical filters are used to enhance the appearance of astronomical targets by selectively blocking or passing light.
Finders or finder scopes offer a much wider field of view than a telescope, which aids in either object location or the alignment of a go to telescope.
Guide Scope Rings
Guide scope rings are used to mount a small refractor on top of or beside a larger optical tube in a parallel orientation.
Power Accessories
Most modern and telescope mounts require electrical power.
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